MageSetup: Configuring magento for a national market

Firegento has a very useful extension, called MageSetup, that helps you to configure you magento webstore for several european markets.

It automatically performs several adjustments to the shop’s configuration taking out the burden to do them manually. These adjustments include taxes (rules and rates), terms and conditions and shipping information.

Currently this extensions support the following countries:

  • Austria (at)
  • Switzerland (ch)
  • Germany (de)
  • Spain (es)
  • France (fr)
  • United Kingdom (gb)
  • Italy (it)
  • Netherlands (nl)
  • Poland (pl)
  • Romania (ro)
  • Russia (ru)

How to install?

Install the extension via composer using the following command in you magento root folder

$ composer require firegento/magesetup2:dev-develop

Then activate and set it up in magento

$ php bin/magento module:enable FireGento_MageSetup
$ php bin/magento setup:upgrade

Once the extension is up and running you can run it in the command line to make the configuration for a national market by running

$ php bin/magento magesetup:setup:run <country code>

Where <country code> is one of the codes listed above for the supported countries. For example, if you want to configure for France you would run

$ php bin/magento magesetup:setup:run fr

Now, head up to the admin and confirm/finish the necessary configuration.

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