Who am I?

I’ve been into computers since I can remember… This took me into graduating in Computer Science back in 1998 and later on taking a Master degree in Computer Graphics.

Currently I’m a professional web developer freelancer specialized in Magento websites and you can find my services on Fiverr were I’m a Top Rated Seller.

Why this blog?

This blog is about sharing knowledge and my personal experience and opinion in the word of ecommerce website development.

A little bit of history…

Twenty years ago I started my own small e-shop to sell products online for a small business I owned.

These first steps into ecommerce were a great learning experience. The first version of this e-shop was developed from scratch in php/mysql. This proven to be very time consuming and hard to maintain, specially in those days. Then I thought? There must be an easier and faster way to do this… I’m trying to reinvent the wheel!

After searching online for ecommerce development I found several different free platforms that provided what I was looking for: an online store with a click of a button (Well, almost 🙂 ) and with tons of additional features…

Among these frameworks was Magento, which was taking its first steps… After reviewing a few articles and reading about it in the Magento website, I decided that Magento was the way to go… And since them I’ve been working with Magento until this day and I’m sure in the years to come 🙂

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