Useful FREE tests you should run on your website

#1 Favicon

To check if favicon is correct and look good on iOS, Android, Windows… well, basically everywhere run your website’s url through
This is an awesome online tools that will check all browsers, platforms and technologies for you and better yet will allows you to fix them! Yes, it will create all versions of your favicon for all situations out there and will also generate the necessary HTML to included on your site. I love it!

#2 Social Share

Have you ever wonder how your site would look like when you share it on social media? You can actually test it our using the online tool They will run a test to show your site’s preview on facebook, twitter, linkedin and pinterest.

To fix the issues you find in your magento site, you might want to install This simple extension will allow you to include all necessary code to fix the problem for you.

#3 Speed

There are several online tools to test your site speed online, including how well it scores on google. Here are some of the most popular:

#4 Rich Snippets

To help improve the search results previews on google you should definitely look at including rich snippets on your site, specially on product pages. You can test how your site performs by using google’s rich snippet test tool:

If you came across other useful online tools to test your website please let me know and I’ll add it to the list after a quick test myself 😉

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