Free Email Marketing Plan: E-goi Social One!

Much more than Free Email Marketing

In this post I am going to show you a free digital marketing tool that you can’t stop using. Stay tuned!

The first steps of any entrepreneur or company in Digital Marketing, can be incredibly scary. When realizing the immensity of the Online Marketing world, it is very easy to get lost in the amount of strategies, tasks, skills and tools that are necessary to master to achieve success and get ahead of your competition.

One of the first and most important strategies that any business should implement is, without a doubt, Email Marketing, not only for its high profitability, but also for its relevance throughout the customer’s life cycle, but it is not the only one! Being present and working well on your company’s social networks is essential, especially for the acquisition of new customers.

If we add to this, the company’s website / store, advertising tools, customer service, page building, payment processor, etc., you quickly end up with a dozen tools that you need to master, even before you start generating your first sales .

Free Tools

One of the first decisions you are going to make in your business is what marketing tools you are going to use at the beginning of your journey.

Being at an early stage of your business, naturally you end up looking for the most economical solution to meet your needs, but often, the cheap ends up being very expensive up front.

There are several tools that provide you (to a certain extent), a free use, but eventually you will reach that offer limit, which will force you to subscribe to the paid version of these tools.

It is therefore extremely important that you evaluate the free version of the platforms, but always with an eye on the future, predicting how much you will have to invest as soon as your business starts to take off, thus avoiding all the effort, time and money you have to invest to migrate to another tool.


Taking all these factors into account, the free E-goi (Social One) plan is probably the best solution for those just starting out, as it is much more than a free tool. In fact, you get 4 tools, totally free of charge!

Social Network Management

In an incredibly simple and fast way, you can create and schedule your posts for the day and time you want, in the various profiles and pages on the main social networks of your company. In addition, you have at your disposal a calendar with the most important dates of the year, so you never lack inspiration to create your content.

Capture Pages, Forms and Pop-ups

To help you capture the contacts of people who visit your website and social networks, you can build your own landing pages and forms through a super intuitive creator or use the ready-made templates that the tool offers.

Web Push / Browser Notifications

If you still don’t know what Web Push is or if you are still not taking advantage of the full potential of this communication channel, you cannot imagine how much you are lagging behind in digital marketing. In a simple way, you can activate this feature, capture subscribers who visit your site, and send them notifications whenever they are connected to the internet, either on the computer or on the cell phone, even when they are no longer on your site.

(And of course …) Email Marketing

Finally, create your messages and newsletters using a drag and drop email creator, or if you prefer, choose one of the ready-made professional templates, adjusting to your business image and start turning those leads into sales!

Paid Plans

With the help of all these free resources, your business will quickly start to grow and generate sales and with that, you will begin to reach the limits of the free tools you have chosen.

In this regard, E-goi remains one of the best options on the market, not only for its extremely low price, but for the fair way you pay for its use, paying only for the resources you actually use.

With plans starting at €7.99 / month, without loyalty, it is undoubtedly one of the most economical solutions that you can find, even more for including in this value, all automation features, integrations with other tools, ad functionality in social networks and search engines, technical support, among many other solutions.


If you are starting your business and / or looking for a free solution that meets the maximum of your needs in Digital Marketing, E-goi is the all-in-one tool for you.

One tool for all your Email Marketing, Social Media Management, Landing Pages, Forms, Pop-Ups and Web Push and the best: 100% free!

As a bonus, it has the fact that it is one of the most economical tools on the market, as soon as you have the need to migrate to a paid plan and thus raise the level of your Online Marketing.

In addition to a free lifetime plan, you can still test the tool for 30 days, with no limit on features, so you can fully evaluate the platform’s potential for your business.

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