Best themes for Magento 2

Everyday I have customers asking advice about themes for their magento web store. To help them on that decision I decided to write this post reviewing what I consider to be the best themes in the market.

There are several important aspect to be taken into account when choosing a theme:

  • Update frequency: always check if the last update has at most a couple of month only. This is an indication that the theme is active and the developer are still working on it. This is a critical aspect because you should keep you theme (and everything else really) up to date.
  • Salability: there is a high probability that the best selling themes are good. Although this is debatable the true is that this means there was a large part of the community reviewing the theme and hence driving the developers to improve them.
  • Design: an appealing theme is critical to drive sales (let’s face it, no one likes to buy on a bad looking). The design you chose should be targeted to your special market and brand. Make sure it will sit well with you logo and branding.
  • Customer experience: apart for being a good looking theme it is also paramount that the theme offers a great customer experience. Check the add to cart functionality and the checkout process. Also look at the product and catalog pages. They should be provide a great purchasing experience to your customers.
  • Ease of Use: on a more technical side it is also important to buy a theme that is easy to use for store admin. The less technical knowledgeable you need to be the better (unless you know your way around coding, HTML and CSS).
  • Performance: the way a theme ranks in Google page speed and the time it takes to load is one of the key aspect to take into account. Although there are a lot of different factors that influence the page speed score, the theme is among the most import ones. A quality and lightweight theme is very hard to develop and so there will always have to be a compromise between the above aspects and the speed of a theme.
  • SEO: ranking on search is a critical aspect for any website. The HTML structure that a theme produces play an important role. Correct heading and avoid duplicate content are among them. On top of that there is also theme offering Rich Snippets out of the box which avoid the need to install a 3rd party extension for that purpose.

Based on these criteria I compiled this list to help you make the final decision.

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